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ing tide has left him high and● dry above the speeding curre●nts of time, Joshua the insolvent weather-▓man, the islander, the anchorite. Ju●stine (1957) Part II Chapter ▓4 Clea, the gentle, lovable●, unknowable Clea is Scobie’s ▓greatest friend, and spends much of h●er time with the old pirate; s●he deserts her cobweb studio t●o make him tea and to enjoy those interminable m▓onologues about a life which has long since re●ceded, lost its vital momentum, onl▓y to live on vicariously in the labyrinths▓ of memory.As for Clea herself: is● it only my imagination which makes ●it seem so difficult to sketch her portrait I ▓think of her so much — and yet I see how in a●ll this writing I have been shrinking from● dealing directly with her.Pe▓rhaps the difficulty lies here: that● there does not seem to be an easy● correspondence between her habi▓ts and her true disposition.If I should des▓cribe the outward structures of her ▓life — so disarmingly simple, graceful, ▓self-contained — there is a real danger th▓at she might seem either a n●un for whom the whole range of human passi●ons had given place to an absorbing sear▓ch for her subliminal self o

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r a disappointed an▓d ingrown virgin who had deprived herself of● the world because of some psychic instability, ▓or some insurmountable early wo●und.Everything about her person is honey-gold● and warm in tone; the fair, cris●ply-trimmed hair which she w▓ears rather long at the back, knotting it sim●ply at the downy nape of her neck.▓This focuses the candid face of a minor muse wit●h its smiling grey-green eyes.The calml●y disposed hands have a deftne▓ss and shapeliness which one only notices when ●one sees them at work, holding a pain●t-brush perh

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